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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dark Angels Determined

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An impressive amount of armor rolls onto the field in this Dark Angels army that takes full advantage of Land Raiders, combat squads, and the Chapter Master Azrael.  The Headquarters selection will mow down enemy squads and the armor of the tanks will ensure they arrive on target.  The tight details and highlights bring cohesion and intimidation to the army as a whole.


  1. Interesting Choice of Green. It is much brighter than I expected, but it really allows the wear and tear you painted on to them show up nicely.

  2. ya, i went a little lighter for 2 reasons:

    dark armies typically do not score well at tournaments

    Battle damage wont show up

    This is also my first airbrushed army

    Thanks for commenting

  3. That is nice, I prefer my DAs a bit darker (or I think people might mistake them for salamanders XD), but this is really nice. I especially like your Chaplain. How did you build this army, specifically? I love non-Deathraven DA armies (I'm building one but it won't look anywhere near as nice).