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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chaos Cults Battleforce

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A recent painting and assembly commission of the Chaos Battleforce Box to be used for game demonstrations. This modest army features a variety of colors and schemes by utilizing all the various Marks of Chaos. Especially vibrant are the blue Tzeentch Possessed Chaos Marines, and their added icon increases their invulnerable save to 4+ on a D6. This makes the unit a formidable force in close combat and a great complement to the other units. We also converted one of the models to represent a Lord to make a legal small army for play and game demos.


  1. The out come on this guys are just awsome man, how did you paint the blue guys?

  2. Its all an airbrush effect, but those dudes did require a lil extra attention with the paint brush, like hand blending.

    PS awesome avatar

  3. aa ok, what kind of air brush do you use to paint? im new to this world and need to upgrade my self to a better air brush, the one i have is crap.

    and thx mega man rocks ass ^^

    you can follow my work on the blog, but im far from your skills man.

  4. whats your blog?

    awata eclipse is my gun of choice

  5. can you hook up a link to your gear so i can have a look.

    you can se my stuff over here

    I have about a year now of painting under my belt and trying to kick up my level a lot more. Feel free to give me feed back on all the tings i do wrong ^^

    love muffin