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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Battle Report! Logan's Wolf Guard vs. Blood Angel Lamenters - 2000 points

To culminate our series of 'Work in Progress' posts, we present the inaugural battle of Logan's Drop Pod Space Wolves. They are facing off against my Blood Angel Lamenters for their final battle (the army was sold shortly hereafter). The game was fast and furious with lots of mutual carnage and destruction. Many interesting tactics were employed throughout the match, making for a nail biter of a game that was still in contention till the last turn. Click below for Pics and a brief summary.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wolf Guard Completed WiP pt 6

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Finished! The Drop Pods sport an alternative paint scheme with burnt yellow on the fins to represent their descent from orbit and the Veteran status of this custom army. This force was done as a side project between other commissions and allowed us to really savor the creation process step by step. Kenny also included a plethora of extra details and highlights to make the miniatures as characterful as possible. Logan Grimnar leads his hand picked Wolf Guard into the fray with a gruesome opening salvo from space.

Click below for a series of pics and the Army Roster List!