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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chaos Daemon Army Expanded

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Longtime readers may remember this Daemon detachment being displayed a little over a year ago. This is Kenny's personal army that has made appearances at WargamesCon and Feast of Blades since then. What started as a Khorne only army has slowly expanded to include representatives from all the Chaos gods. The Fateweaver takes the place of the Bloodthirster, but often will still do as many wounds in combat. The resiliency he offers is compounded by the inclusion of Plaguebearers as troops. Slaanesh makes a big splash with both Seekers and Fiends adding a great deal of speed and tactical flexibility to the list. Click below for more pics, or click above to be sent to the Gallery with close ups.


  1. Oh Sheeeeyat! thats my favorite stuff I have ever see you do. Top shelf!

  2. Thanks guys, i appreciated the comments!