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Friday, June 15, 2012

Necrons vs. Salamanders 1850 re-match

We did another take on the previous report of the WargamesCON raffle Necron army versus Space Marine Salamanders. This battle turned out very differently with some great maneuvers and match ups. Necrons gave up the first turn and made good use of the Solar pulse again. This time, the Terminators survived the Necron shooting and plowed through much of the army. Click below to see more pics from this battle.

If you are going to WargamesCON, you can purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win this Necron army.

Salamanders deploy and maneuver on top of turn 1

Necrons set up

Vulcan and his Terminator Assault Squad prepare to charge the Wraiths and Destroyer Lord.  The Salamanders also get a lucky first shot of the game by dropping the annihilation barge.

Necrons prepare their response.

Scarabs charge the Landraider and reduce the side armor to 10.  18 Necron warriors, the Ghost ark, and the immortals shoot up the Terminators, but only manage to kill one and put a wound on Vulcan.

Salamander Speeders flame the scarabs and do 40+ wounds.  The Attack bikes drop the Ghost Ark.  The terminators eliminate a Warrior squad.

Spyders charge and blow up the Landraider, catching all the models in combat and the Lych Guard with Overlord in the explosion.

Terminators finish off the other Necron Warrior squad.

Lych Guard advance to finish off the Terminators, Vulcan, and the Librarian.

The Lych guard contest the center objective, but the Necron Immortals are over run by the advancing Marines and Speeders in the back corner.

Salamanders secure all the mission objectives for a Massacre win.

It was a fun game for all, and thanks for letting us share it with you.

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