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Saturday, February 7, 2015

1850 CSM army list

It's Been A Long Time....I Shouldn’t Have Left You....With Out A Dope Beat To Step To.

Fresh from the beats laboratory, and I a fresh CSM+Demons army list for you guys!.
I have experienced tons of success with my 1500 point “spawn tide” so I wanted to adapt it to 1850. With ATC's & Adepticon on the horizon , the desire to make the add-on is stronger than ever!
So let me explain the 1500 list design first.
Basic symmetry. 2 units of nurgle spawn, 2 mauler fiends, 2 sorcs. Redundancy, point efficiency, and speed while bellakor is the “spice”. He offers the the “telepathy” line-up and beat down skills in close combat. It is a simple army. Really fast units come across the table, the sorcs+belakor keep the tough units tougher and the squishy units tough. 30 wounds at T6 plus a shroud aura = good.
Now add in a unit of plague drone. They are another super fast unit and they come with shroud. No baby sitting required. They are basically a 3rd unit of spawn who can handle different threats solo style. They have poison 3+ and rust. Total pimps. I also added a soul grinder with mark of slaanesh, which is a very tough tank, AV13 and 4 hull points. Plus almost as fast as the mauler fiends. I basically turned it from double redundancy to triple redundancy.
I am Excited to start play testing this list for 1850. I have tried it with screamers, but I didnt like the style. I am anxious to try this.

Crimson Slaughter Roster Total Roster Cost: 1849

HQ: 1 Sorcerer, Mastery Level x3/Spell Familiar/Chaos Bike
HQ: 1 Sorcerer, Mastery Level x3/Spell Familiar/Chaos Bike
TROOPS: 10 Chaos Cultists
TROOPS: 10 Chaos Cultists
FAST: 5 Chaos Spawn
FAST: 5 Chaos Spawn
HEAVY: 1 Maulerfiend
HEAVY: 1 Maulerfiend

: Allied Detachment
HQ: 1 Be'Lakor
TROOPS: 11 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch
FAST: 5 Plague Drones of Nurgle Rot Proboscis/Plaguebringer,Rot Proboscis,Lesser Reward
HEAVY: 1 Soul Grinder Daemon of Slaanesh

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