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Monday, December 6, 2010

Terra Terrain

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A top notch table to play out the adventures of the 41st millennium or any futuristic war game. This scenery was made to closely resemble the client's already existing bases and models and so recreates a blasted wasteland with sparse vegetation and ruined buildings. Both The Realm of Battle Gameboard and the buildings are highly reconfigurable for endless variety. This table top was also composed of the Imperial Sector box, the Battlescape, 2 Woods, and the resin Barricades set. The painting was completed in just a few days with the help of an airbrush so the terrain can quickly be put to good use.

Plague Marines Putrefying

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A sizable Chaos Marine army done for commission in honor of Papa Nurgle. The force includes multiple Forgeworld pieces and conversions including a Plague Hulk, Dreadnought, and a Nurgle Daemon Prince with wings. Plague Marines ride to battle in their custom rhinos with corresponding Forgeworld insignias. Be sure to take a close look at the gallery to see the hideous effects and highlights.