About Us

Kenny Boucher here, hitting you up from the beats lab.
I have been a full-time painter since 2010, and started out as a commission studio under the NLP brand.
In 2016 I made the transition to educational content creation and entertainment broadcasting & in more recent years I have started taking on private students and even developed a painting curriculum.
*update 2022 
At this point we have made it through so much together as a community. There have now been over 120 students who graduated from the 101 curriculum and many of these blackbelts went on to graduate the 201 system as well.

You can find me on Twitch 3 days a week drinking 40's and painting minis.
I have been trying to monetize my passions for 12 years and now I even have a special "influencer" course upon request and successful completion of the 201 curriculum.

If you have any questions just DM me on patreon :)