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Monday, January 24, 2011

Star Wars Space Marines

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A converted Warhammer 40,000 army using models from the Space Marines GW line and the Star Wars miniatures game. The figures have been magnetized in multiple places by the client so they can represent various factions from the 40k universe and their unique play styles. It also incorporates aspects from Star Wars fiction such as the 501st, Vader's Fist, and the Clone Wars. The All Terrain Scout Transport represents a Space Marine dreadnought, and the scorching effects are emblematic of a battle hardened force.


  1. very cool, awesome battle damage and weathering...and amazing glass lenses!

  2. Amazing stuff. Really like the look of this army.
    Think you might ever possibly do a tutorial on your mad airbrush skills?
    Would love to see it.

  3. Sorry it took Me a while to respond....but i wont do tutorials, but i will gladly answer any questions.I paint 40 hours per work....ther is no time to post a tutorial....parking lot ba will be up today...and im working on demons now!

  4. what miniture game are the helmets from?