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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Descent of Angels Tactica

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I realize that everyone has a different approach to 40k. This article is simply my approach to the “Descent of Angels”, specifically regarding the Storm Raven.

First off, lets discuss the “load out” of the Raven. I will always utilize extra armor and thus its my american express card, “never leave home without it”. As far as weapons go, I always take the twin lascannons and twin multi-melta. It is cheap and effective at cracking open some tanks. The infantry is my “anti-infantry”, so I don't take the “Lawnmower” set up, but the amount of shots it has is very impressive.

The cargo is easily the most important element in this equation. I realize that some people like Death Company, Honor Guard, and various nasty units. As far as I am concerned, don’t waste the pimpness of the Storm Raven on these units. I am all for the nasty throw away units that have ridiculous offensive capabilities! Unfortunately these units are a “fail” in the points department. Terminators are the key, and for only 215 points your looking at a unit that can smash the enemy, then survive the next round of shooting! I always load mine up with 3 storm shields, and 2 sets of lighting claws.

Also, I always run them with a Reclusiarch and Corbulo. The chaplain has a super obvious reason in this unit, fearless and “litanies of hate” and Corbulo has a much more important roll. Aside from the obvious priest duties he provides the game changing re-roll. YES it is a game changer. I use it to re-roll a critical failed cover save on the Storm Raven, usually from an ap1 weapon. This has been the nastiest combo in a high percentage of my games. I also have been known to re-roll a successful reserve roll in order to keep the Storm Raven off the table for a extra turn. Both are extremely effective uses of the re-roll.

The Dreadnaught! You must take some form of dreadnaught in the Storm Raven, it is the “nail in the coffin”. I swear by the librarian furioso with wings and shield. He provides a psychic hood and a disgusting ability to fly around the battle field. If he jumps over a hill and charges a unit 18 inches away he usually pays for himself right there. He also seems to get out of combat in my turn instead of the enemies turn, the huge problem with the blood talons version.

The redundancy is another crucial element. Re-rolls on reserves, armor saves, wounds, and attacks are built in to the list, but also unit selection. I incorporate a unit of vanguard vets, all with storm shield! This is a second “unkillable” unit to complement the terminator payload. Combined with DOA rules this squads gets a reliable charge off in almost every game. This squad combined with the terminators is typically enough to fight back an entire army long enough to allow my assault squads to claim the objectives.

The goal of this type of army is to surgically strike the enemy in the middle of the game, while going second. Your opponent will only have 2-3 turns to fight back and push you off the objectives. This quickly becomes unmanageable when he is pushing back the vets, terminators, and the librarian dreadnaught.

Blood Angels 2000 Kenny Boucher



Jump Pack
Infernus Pistol


3 Sanguinary Priests:
Jump Pack
Power Weapon
Jump Pack

Librarian Furioso:
Wings of Sanguinius
Shield of Sanguinius

5 Terminators:
2x Twin Lightning Claws
3x Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield

10 Assault Marines
2x Melta Guns
Power Fist

10 Assault Marines
2x Melta Guns
Power Fist


5 Vanguard Veterans
2x Infernus Pistol/Storm Shield
2x Power Fist/Storm Shield
Lightning Claw/Storm Shield
Jump Packs

Storm Raven:
Twin Multi Melta
Assault Cannon
4x Blood Strike Missles
Extra Armor
Locator Beacon


  1. Cool army Kenny!

    When I first saw the dex I thought the Vanguard to be a unit most people would overlook - especially loaded up with SS and other bling. Cool to see you and BBF making it work.

    I may have to send some BA your way to have you work your magic on!

  2. Hells ya....half the stuff here is old....i can defiantly do better now....did you peep the parking lot BA article?