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Friday, April 1, 2011

Khorne Chaos Daemons Devastate

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This is a personal army project completed in between commissions. It features a Bloodthirster and Khorne Daemon Prince from the Ultraforge model range. The linchpin of the army is a large Bloodcrusher unit that is tough, resilient and eats everything in its way for lunch. The Skulltaker and Herald of Khorne are converted from original Berzerkers riding Juggernauts with green stuff sculpted onto them to signify their ascension. The reds have been reverse highlighted to represent the Daemons rising from the Warp and riding into glorious battle.

Below is a Battle Report featuring this army from the first Feast of Blades Final Championships. Enjoy!

So me and my friend Tulio both qualified for the Feast of Blades finals and had a great showing with our daemons. He ran a more balanced list, and I ran my Khorne Crusher/star list.

We ended up 3rd and 4th with a tie on battle points...

Round 1:
first Game was against Chaos space Marines...
I think he had:
warptime/nurgle prince
6 oblits
predator annihilator
10 berzerkers in rhino x2
10 1k sons in rhino
7 plague Marines in rhino

mission was VP

I dropped in my crushers and letters first wave so my Bloodthirster, Khorne Daemon prince, and 2 Soul grinders would come in during the late game.

I pretty much tabled this list. He had nothing to stop the crushers after I dropped the berzerkers and Daemon prince. But the Thousand Sons did a respectable job of locking the crushers in combat for a while.

Check out my Chaos star in the Background.

a late game clean up pic

round 2:
My buddy Chris-
He and I have been trying to meet at a tourney for a while now. So this was a great game. He was rocking like 4 rhinos with like 40 Grey hunters including Ragnar, Wolf Guard Battle leader, and a Rune Priest with all the trimmings. He also had 3 long fang packs, and 2 typhoons....a real nasty list...and a great general.

Mission was 5 objectives:
I dropped in Bloodcrushers, 2 grinders, 2 units of Bloodletters. I wanted him to shoot the grinders with long fangs to take some pressure off the crushers... It sorta worked ...after a turn of advancing my crushers he decided to, “Go big, or Go Home.” He charged my crushers with 30 grey hunters with furious charge and did a number on them. After a few turns, all the Grey hunters were dead and so were the crushers, but i had every objective. That is, until he made some moves with the rhinos to contest all but one. Game ends with a solid victory for me.

Round 3:
Mission was 3 objective
my opponent was a cool dude named Mark Phillips
He was running a super ugly ork list.
Big Mek(kff)
War boss(mega armor)
2 battle wagons(deff rolla)
6 mega nobz(semi complex)
6 mega nobz(semi complex)
4 trukks with shootas boyz and klaws
9 killa kanz

Kinda rough, my crusher don't like walkers.
I dropped in my preferred wave of crushers and letters, but I rolled a mishap for some letters and scattered another unit 12 inches towards his killa kanz. I lost 2 scoring units turn 2 basically...bad start.

I was able to make some good moves and open up a wagon with a grinder and assault the mega nobz and boss with crushers. He counter charged with kanz, but i was able to get the thirster and prince into the combats to smash the killa kanz. After that, Mark knew he couldn't stop the crushers. Game went on to turn 6 and I almost tabled the list and secured a max win.

Had a great time at Feast of Blades and can't wait to do it again. Thanks to everyone who organized this event. It was extremely well run.


  1. looks like alot of fun - well executed(!) plans against some tough lists

  2. The best painted daemons I have ever seen! I am stunned!