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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dark Eldar Core

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Another project in development. This Dark Eldar force was begun in conjunction with an apprentice painter to develop the Next Level Painting techniques. The army is a work in progress that will grow over the coming months to showcase the Games Workshop 40k Dark Eldar models.


  1. The airbrushing looks very good and the color choice is interesting.

    My only crit is I wish the panel lines were darkened. When I did my Ravager, after I airbrushed it, I used Mircron drafting pens to give each panel a quick shadow. It really accentuated the airbrushing.

  2. love the FX you have done on the side of the ship. It looks awsome man, how did you do that if i my ask?

    your stuff is awsome as well, im a small fan of your stuff^^

  3. Its just faded with the air brush

  4. @LuckyNo.5'
    ur stuff looks fantastic