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Thursday, May 5, 2011

GREY KNIGHTS Work In Progress

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The Vehicles (2 Rhinos and a Storm Raven) got done first. Kenny was able to experiment with different colors and textures.

Dark Turquoise was used for the windows, and blended by hand to achieve the jeweled effect. It was used again with the Dread Knights for the eyes and sword. The first photos show two of the Dread Knights after airbrushing.

Here's the first finished Dread Knight with sword.

Edit: Update 5/5/11

Edit: Update 5/10/11
I used the airbrush to apply dark and light silvers.
 The shoulder pad were done separately.

 I began applying black and blue washes, followed by dry brushing.

 I blue was then shaded in to the surface area to create a "sheen" , and to the eyes to aid with "OSL".

 I hand blended the whites into the eyes to finish the "OSL".

 Lightning effects were added to the weapons, and final details were completed.


The army is complete.A full article is coming out this week. Enjoy this preview!


  1. they look bad ass man, like the extra blue you got on the armor to give it some umff

  2. thanx dude! On personal stuff i can be a little more adventurous

  3. how did you paint the eyes on the troops, they look just awsome man.

  4. OSL , a lil airbrushing+paint brushing

  5. Very nice tutorial. You apply the color and techniques very well.

    What paint line do you typically use for your airbrush and hand work?

    Other than shoulderpads, what other pieces do you usually prepaint before assembly?

    Keep up the good work, I enjoy seeing your results!

  6. I use alotta gw paint. But ii will use anything I see that I like at a game store.

    Color scheme dictates how I paint. Like assault marines in a BA army would have the heads left off