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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wolf Guard Work In Progress

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We wanted to show a little more of the process behind creating an army project, and so begins a new series of posts documenting some of the steps and stages. Kenny wanted to make a personal project that he has been contemplating for a long time. “Ever since the Codex came out,” he's been chewing over options and possibilities. The army had to be different, yet very characteristic of the Space Wolves as a Chapter. He decided on a list featuring Logan Grimnar and Arjac Rock Fist descending in Drop Pods with their Wolf Guard brethren. Almost every model has been extensively converted to represent the specific weapons and wargear for each Space Marine.

Pics and Army List below the fold

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vanguard Adeptus Mechanicus

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New iron comes forward to join the line. The Adeptus Mechanicus utilize ancient technology to take hold of the objectives and defeat the enemy. A unique combination of colors and models compose this force made by MBG. The various turret options allow him to play with Rhinos or deadly Razorbacks with shots of their own. The Land Raiders were made with multiple magnetized side sponsons to be converted from Crusaders to Redeemers by Spikey Bits. The army can crash through enemy lines and bring Imperial mercy to any foe.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finecast Nurgle

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The new Finecast range of GW models were used in this addition to a preexisting army. Having painted many of the metal plague marines, the resin were better. They were more accepting of wash and gave greater gradation of shadow.

Assembly was a mixed bag. On many of the models there weren't just mold lines, but mold misalignments. These required re-shaping the model to become smooth. However, glue adhered quickly and more solidly than with plastic or metal models.

The Nurgle Prince used to be especially difficult to paint, being a bowling ball of brokeness. Now he's a joy to paint up and play.