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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finecast Nurgle

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The new Finecast range of GW models were used in this addition to a preexisting army. Having painted many of the metal plague marines, the resin were better. They were more accepting of wash and gave greater gradation of shadow.

Assembly was a mixed bag. On many of the models there weren't just mold lines, but mold misalignments. These required re-shaping the model to become smooth. However, glue adhered quickly and more solidly than with plastic or metal models.

The Nurgle Prince used to be especially difficult to paint, being a bowling ball of brokeness. Now he's a joy to paint up and play.


  1. I've had mixed experiences with finecast myself. I got 2 boxes of miscast terrible DE Wracks that GW ultimately replaced one box in full after I sent pics. But then I got a Perfect cast flawless DE Archon, so that redeemed finecast a bit in my eyes.

    AS far as Nurgle goes, I was curious how this Deamon Prince would be in finecast. I'm sure a hell of a lot lighter!

    The detail looks good and the airbrushing is really nice man. Really adds a nice layer of texture to Nurgle.

  2. idd the turn out on this guys is awsome, I love the paint jobb on them you gave them that nurgel feel to them. if i come to the usa i will come over to you to get a paint class.

  3. @ Lucky
    ya fine cast on the DP was money!

    Thanks bro,
    You should get out here

  4. it´s a long way from sweden, but the next time I come over to the usa id be epic to hook up and have a small paint jam. if you are up for it that is. don´t want to intrude :D

  5. That looks really nice. Was that done with an airbrush?

    It was great to hang with you at WGC Donovan, good times for sure.

  6. @brian ther is still a percentage of hand details but we are an airbrush studio.

    @muffin for sure

  7. The wings on that Daemon worked out great. The graduation and natural splotchyness is perfect IMO. Realistic to say the least, good work.

    New banner looks good too! He He!