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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Necrons vs. Grey Knights - 2k Battle Report!

Mike Haspil, author of APOCalyptic PRODuctions, came up to the crib to see how the new Necron Codex would fair. Mike has been playing Necrons for a long time and is famous for his LED lighted Monoliths he's brought to a couple Grand Tournaments. Unfortunately for Mike, he first played against Kenny's heavy weight Grey Knights army, and subsequently didn't have the best game. This particular flavor of Grey Knights hits hard and fast, leaving little room for error. Click below for Pics and a brief summary.

We used the same scenario as was used at Tacticon and similar to the format of the ATC, with all three objectives (KP = Kill Points; C+C = Capture and Control; SG = Seize Ground) and a random Die roll to determine deployment.

Deployment was a standard Pitched Battle. It didn't matter much though because Kenny was keeping all his units in Reserve and going second. He also used Draigo's Grand Strategy to give the two Dread Knights with swords Outflank. Normally, he would make them scoring units, but he wanted to try something a little different for this battle. It worked out incredibly well for him, much to the chagrin of Mike.

Grey Knights 2000 points


Paladin squad
2 Strike Squads in Rhinos

Storm Raven
3 Dread Knights (2 w/ Swords)

Necrons 2000 Points

2 Lords w/ Res Orbs
3 Harbingers of Destruction
1 Harbinger of Eternity w/chronometron and cloak
1 Harbinger of Despair w/ Veil and Nightmare Shroud

2 x 8 Immortals (Res Orbs in here)
2 x 10 Warriors

C'Tan shard w/ Lord of fire and Spirit of Destruction
5 Wraiths w/ 3 coils
7 scarabs
3 Heavy Destroyers



Top of Turn 1: Castle Necrons come out to play. I believe on turn 2, the Monolith immobilized itself by moving through terrain. We decided to let it ride because it wouldn't have been a fun play-test otherwise.

Bottom of Turn 2: Kenny gets all his Reserves in on turn 2! the Strike Squads look for support positions on objectives. The Storm Raven and Dreadknights race forward to engage.

Top of turn 3: The Harbingers of Destructin teleport across the board, and get two Rending shots on the Storm Raven. However, they are stopped by cover saves enhanced by Shroud.

Top of 3: The Heavy Destroyers come through and drop the Storm Raven.

Bottom of 3: Draigo and the Paladins advance for through the wreckage ready to charge.

Close Combat Commences

The C'tan takes two wounds, but whiffs all his return attacks. Surprisingly the Necron Warrior squads charged by the Dread Knights make their morale tests and hold.

Top of 4: the C'tan hits and runs away from the combat.

Dreadknights break and destroy the warriors in their turn

Bottom of turn 4: The Strike Squad goes after the Heavy Destroyers and Massacres them.

The Wraiths finally break and the center of the board is cleared by the Grey Knights.

I believe they called the game shortly thereafter.  Kenny got full points for a major win, and only lost a couple models including the Storm Raven to the new Necrons.  It appears a little more fine tuning may be needed for a successful Necron list.  Full size pictures can be found in our Gallery HERE.  Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it. Happy gaming!


  1. An up hill fight for the Crons from the start.

    I like seeing the Monolith get used, did it ever make a difference in the game?

    And is that a Bears jersy I see?
    Still holding on to a dream I think. :)

  2. ya, the monolith wasnt the best.

  3. The new monolith isn't all that hot. And yeah, that is a Bears jersey. :)

  4. Just out of curiosity where did you get the Storm Raven destroyed vehicle template?

  5. I think it was laser cut customly Loyce.