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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Year End Review

Welcome to Next Level Painting's Blog extravaganza. We are going to collect and link to various pictures from the projects of the last year. Each pic will open a new window with a link to the full gallery for the respective armies. Hopefully you see something you might have missed or find inspiration for a brand new contingent. Thank you for taking the time to see all our work and Enjoy!

Blood Angels Infantry

Elite Blood Angels

DOOM Daemon Troops

Forgeworld Salamanders Army

Grey Knights v2.0

Wolf Guard Drop Pods

DOOM Daemons

Angels Encarmine: Blood Angels Battalion

Plague Marine Contagion

Blood Knights


Warmachine: Menoth custom khaki

Adeptus Mechanicus Mech

Land Speeder Storms

Grey Knights

Blood Angels Kitchen Sink

Eldar: Biel-Tan

Ultra Marines Army

Dark Eldar Core

Chaos Cults Battle Force

Adeptus Mechanicus: Drop Pod Dreadnought

Khorne Chaos Daemons

Nurgle Reinforcements

Ork Deff Skullz

Star Wars Space Marines Reinforcements

Descent of Angels

Dark Eldar

Mech Blood Angels
Star Wars Space Marines
Space Marine Salamanders
Blood Orks


  1. awsome job man !! its fun to se all your things like this. keep em coming dude ^^

  2. Thanks man. We worked hard all year and we keep getting better!