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Friday, February 10, 2012

Red Scorpion Space Marines

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This highly customized pre-Heresy army showcases many original models from the Forge World line. All the space marine infantry sport Mark IV Maximus Armor with it's distinctive helmet that's particularly fitting for this Scorpion themed force. The Rhinos are made from a unique combination of the Deimos Pattern and Repressor kits from Forge World as well. Be sure to click through the Gallery to see close up pics of all these models.


  1. they look fantastic. the airbrush work is inspired, and i'll be using this as a guide when i do my next army.

    however, i hate to break it to you but there were no Red Scorpions around until after the Heresy was ancient history...

  2. Agreed, inspired is a perfect word for it.
    I love that Tech and cannon.

    Great looking army, some of the best tanks I have seen you do.

  3. It's really nuts how talented you are - as always, incredible!

  4. It's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    make a tutorial please!!!! :D

  5. haha, okay.
    step 1- buy an awata eclipse airbrush and compressor...about $350.00 bundle .
    step 2- spend about 100 hours learning the mechanical aspects and subtleties of said airbrush....than about 2000 more hours learning how to masterfully utilize it on small surfaces.

    step 3- after steps 1 and 2 i have been completed i will post the remaining steps in this tutorial.

    :) lol

  6. hahaha ok, I need to spend 100 more hours :P