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Friday, April 13, 2012

Necrons Vs. Nids - 2k Battle Report!

We've got another battle report to feature some action and actual game play. This time it's Mike's Necrons vs. the recently painted Tyranids army featured earlier in the blog.  It's one of the oldest codexes, Nids, against the most recent, Necrons.  Click below to see lots of pics from throughout the game.

All three objectives were in play (Kill Points; Capture and Control; Seize Ground) and a random Die roll to determine deployment.  Dice rolls set up Dawn of War for deployment and the Necrons got first turn.


Tyranid Prime

4 x Tyranid Warriors

Death Leaper

Bunch of Gaunts

Lots of Genestealers w/

3 x Zoanthropes in Spore Pod

Doom in Spore Pod


Necron Opposition

OverLord with res orb

2 x Lord with orbs

4 x Wraiths

3x 10 Warriors

8 x Destroyer

1 Monolith
Necrons get first turn and come on the board ready to Fight!

Some gaunts take the field

Mike moves his troops forward.

Those Destroyers are looking to shred some bugs.

Nids advance while maintaining cover

Top of 2: Mike moves his dudes to get some better firing positions and the Monolith lands.

Big Nasty pops up to greet some warriors.

Almost half these Genestealers disappear due to Necron warrior fire.

The Wraiths mix it up too.

Turn 3: The Doom lays waste to some Warriors

Zoanthropes drop the Monolith

Destroyers are feeling the squeeze.

Turn 4: Warriors get wiped out

One lonely Destroyer left

The Gaunts are still hungry and got an appetite for more Destroyers.  They just barely engage a couple models this turn to minimize casualties, and remain locked in combat to avoid return fire and escape in the opponent's turn.

Turn 5:  No more destroyers

Necron warriors attempt to tie up the Doom.

Genestealers come over and wipe those warriors out.

Then stretch out to hold two objectives by games end.

These guys contest over here . . .

. . . . and contest over here.

That's Game!  The Tyranids comes out on top.  Just goes to show, you can teach an old dog new tricks.  Kenny admits it was a lot closer early on in the game, but the bugs had the numbers to hold on to and contest more objectives.  To check out the full Gallery with close ups click HERE.  Thanks for reading and Happy Gaming!


  1. So erm... where are those spores from??? do tell!

  2. check this link

  3. I love the short and sweet naration.

    Mike loves to hold on to his destroyers and that Monolith, way to keep the faith bro. :)

  4. I think the main issue was that the Necron list was basically an old codex list - not utilizing any of the fun new things and suffering from the classic "lets nerf the good old units" syndrome GW have.