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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Grey Knights Galore!

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Here's our latest commission of over 4,000 points of Grey Knight Space Marines and Daemonhunter Inquisitor henchmen. This army contains a variety of troop types and units with all kinds of abilities. The toughest of the tough come in the form of 10 Paladin Terminators, each an individual hero. Behind them are Purifiers and Interceptors with Psycannons and Nemesis Halberds. Not to be outdone in firepower department, 3 Dreadnoughts provide long range support. Finally, Coteaz unlocks the ability to take multiple Henchmen squads as Troops. He rides in the Chimera with the Grandmaster and a squad of servitors with Powerfists, a surprisingly nasty counter assault element. Click below to see lots more pictures, and thanks for checking us out.


  1. Very cool color scheme.. and seems to be a rock hard list of models to boot.. would hate to face off against this..

  2. Ya,its a pretty solid force haha. Would suck to play against.