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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Space Marine Salamanders Strike

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Stepping up to the plate is this stunning Salamanders Space Marine army composed of some of the most characterful units in the Codex. These choices take full advantage of the Salamanders iconic flamer and melta weaponry. If you look closely at the Land Speeders you'll also see our new technique for magnetizing missile Launchers to the side. There is actually magnets inside the vehicle and for all the other weapons as well. This army was commissioned for a friend, so you'll probably see lots more of them at tournaments and on the tabletop. Click below for lots more pictures and thanks for checking us out!


  1. Really really like the weathering, it's a shame we can't click for bigger pictures, can hardly get a close look at the speeder missile pods.

    Also bit of a shame some of the vehicle assembly gaps in the rhinos speeders and bikes - something painted this nice deserved a bit of filler.

  2. Ya, unfortunately we dont get to assemble everything our selves.

    Thanks for the compliments