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Friday, June 8, 2012

Necrons vs. Salamanders 1850 Battle Report

In anticipation of the upcoming WargamesCON in Austin later this month, we put the recently completed raffle army up against the Space Marine Salamanders. Necrons got the first turn and made good use of the Solar pulse to frustrate the Space Marine shooting by making it night fight. Spyders in the backfield kept making scarab bases, which eventually took out the Landraider and forced an emergency disembarkation for the Terminators and Vulcan. His squad got charged by the Lychguard, Crypteks, and Overlord making short work of them and securing the win.

If you are going to WargamesCON, you can purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win this Necron army.

Click below for more pics from this battle and thanks for taking a look.

Necrons advance on Salamanders, spawned some scarabs and screened the arch with wraiths.

Wraiths suffer casualties to null zone and lascannons. The solar pulse helps mitigate the damage.

Salamanders take up firing positions.

Wraiths engage the tactical squad.

Wraiths charge the tactical marines left in the crater by the annihilation barge fire power, the arch moves to a central position.

barge takes its shots at the rhino, as the infantry jockey for position

sallys bring down the ghost arch and kill off the wraiths.

scarabs and lynch gaurd advance onto the landraider

Though the barge went down, the huge scarab swarm makes short work of the landraider as the lynch guard muli-charge the landraider and tactical marines in order to help force an emergency disembarkation on the terminators.

The pinned terminators receive a charge and get beat.

Speeder takes position and lays down cover fire
A nice win for the Necrons, who hold the objectives and put a brutal beat down on the Space Marine Salamanders.