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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

6th Edition Grey Knights vs. Space Wolves

This is the first rematch between the Brothers Boucher after their first match up in 6th edition. After getting a good feel for the rules in the first game, this one proves to be more polished. As always between these 40k sluggers, no punches are ever pulled and no feelings spared. You can also check out Dave's blog at

Bear witness to the extinction level event below

Ken with his SW and Dave with his Blue GK's
Vanguard deployment and The Relic mission. No Night Fight for the first turn. Warlord Traits are rolled. Draigo gets +1 VP for every Character killed in a challenge and the Bear Lord gets Counter Attack in his deployment zone. 2 games and 2 wasted Warlord traits. Dave wins deployment and Ken fails to seize.
Dave surges forward with everything. He kills a few Long Fangs.
Kenny makes some moves to advance and protect his units from the torrent of fire. He manages to destroy a dreadnaught!
Dave manages to destroy a rhino and kill most of a long fang squad.
Another angle
Ken grabs the relic with some Grey Hunters and charges the Thunder Wolves into the Paladins from the side. Psychotroke Grenades give Preferred Enemy.
The combat went bad for the Thunder wolves. even with all the fire power. At the time this was only our second game of 6th edition, and we forgot about "AP" values on close combat weapons so Draigo was forcing Invulnerable saves on the Bear Lord. We were still learning.
A few different angles
After mopping up the TWC, Dave's survivors advance and kill 30 Grey Hunters with ease.
Dave's daughter looks in with feigned interest as all girls do.
The games ends with David's forces in control of the relic! Dave also scores an additional 3 VPs with his Warlord Trait.

Thanks for taking a look and be sure to contact us with any questions or inquiries.  Happy gaming!

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