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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Salamanders V. Space Wolves 2k

This week we have another Brawl between the Boucher Brothers. Ken from here at Next Level Painting was looking to extend his 6th edition wins against his bro, Dave from No Turtles Allowed. This match was to be epic as both players had true 6th edition lists and a very good understanding of the new rules and their many twists.

 Ken and his Space Wolves win the roll to deploy, and do so centrally. Dave and his Sallies deploy safely behind the Aegis and reserve 2 Rhinos and the Storm Talons. There are 3 objectives, one center board and the others in the opposing deployment zones. Vulkan gets the Warlord trait to score, and the Bear Lord rolls another worthless one for Ken...

 Dave fails to Seize, so Ken starts this Rodeo

 Ken splits 2 rhinos off to cover the objective on his side of the board, and then brings the Rune Priest's rhino up with his 3 Wolf Lords on TWC mounts with their wolves tagging along.
 3 units of Long Fangs open on the Land Raider. A long shot move, but with prescience in play, Ken strips 3 hull points of the Land Raider.

 Sensing danger, Dave surges forward with his Land Raider and disgorges Vulkan, the Null Zone Librarian and 5 TH/SS Terminators to take on the SW Lords.
 Dave's shooting wrecks a rhino
 Preparing to surge forward, Vulkan drops a few wolves with his flamer. Dave does this to ensure that Ken is unable to remove wolves as opposed to taking saves on his Lords once HtH starts. The Libby casts Null Zone and the Rune Priest fails to shut it down. Time for the epic melee to begin on Turn 1...
 Or does it... Dave proceeds to roll a 3 for his charge. He needed a 5. Vulkan now must take the charge of the Lords.
 Ken Maneuvers his army in to place. He looks to take out as many Terminators as he can before charging.
 The Terminators weather the fire power well and stand ready to take the combined attacks of 3 SW Lords with prescience.
 Vulkan overwatches and puts 2 wounds on the Bear Lord!!!
 Vulkan Dies in his challenge against the Bear Lord. A few terminators die too, but with Null Zone in play, they put a few wounds into the Majesty Lord and the BeastSlayer Lord.
 End of Ken's Turn 2. Things are looking good for the Sons of Russ.
 Dave proceeds to bring in all his reserves. The Storm Talons come up Ken's weak side and the two Rhinos make a dash for Ken's backfield objective.

 Getting down to True Line of Sight with the Flyers. The intended target is the long fangs.
 Dave manages only a few Casualties this turn. His Terminators are dead as well as his Librarian.

 Ken makes a push into the Salamander side of the board. His moves his beast slayer lord to attack the attack bikes and the Bear Lord to attack the Land Raider. His Majesty Lord was felled by the Terminators.

 The Beastslayer kills off the attack bikes with ease, and the land raider is wrecked. Also, one storm talon is knocked down by the Long Fangs.
 Dave sees a chink in Ken's movement. Ken, who for 3 editions, was the undisputed king of rhinos has now made a huge mistake for the second time in 6th against Dave. Fool me once...

 Dave uses his Storm Talon, the two rhinos and their passengers to perform the dreaded "close hatch." This maneuver was popular in 3rd and a bit in 4th edition. 5th got rid of it, but 6th brought it back. If you surround the vehicle and wreck it, passengers can not be deployed and are killed.
 Dave just barely manages to wreck it, killing 6 of the 8 passengers. He also manages to kill the remaining lords.
 Ken, not to let this harsh turn effect him, pushes forward. The remaining 2 models push deep into Sally territory ans the Rune priest unit sets up on the center objective perfectly. Ken wrecks a rhino.
 Dave moves up to take out the 2 GH and make a move to try and tie the game if it ends on 5.

 Storm Talons wiffs as does everything else this turn.

 Dave rolls to see if the game ends, and it does. The game is a tie. Both players own one and the center is contested. Dave scored first blood, both killed the warlord and neither had linebreaker. A lucky break for the Sallies.


  1. Haha like them failing the charge wasn't unlucky enough. :)

  2. Nice report.. lots of photos, good explanations.. and great models to boot!

  3. I agree, good explanations. I especially liked the outcome. You know why!