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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Daemons for Sale

This week we have a "re-post" of a personal Demon project from Ken. This army includes massive amounts of Screamers and Flamers due to the White Dwarf update.The army, much like the Flying Circus one featured earlier is designed to maximize the Demons potential in 6th edition. This army was recently played at Feast of Blades.
The Army Performed very well in winning both the 4th Bracket "Ace" and "Best Appearance" awards in the invitational.
Now The army is for sale! Visit the auction on ebay. The auction covers all the details, and includes foam and display tray.


  1. Any chance you can give an idea of what the reserve price is? I'd like to get a realistic idea of what the price point is before I talk to the misses :)

  2. email me

    I will give you all the details.

  3. Wow these are awesome! I think that the painting was very well done on these! -Ottawa

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