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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Fire Power! Autocannon Edition

Last week we discussed my thoughts with going back to Chaos, my first love. The list I posted had a lot of autocannons in it. 3 for the Imperial Guard allies and more importantly, 8 from the Chaos Havocs. The autocannon, while being my preferred long ranged firepower, is now worth its weight in gold. When GW went to Finecast, the single blisters of Havocs went the way of the Dodo. In other words, its $45 to get a box of Havocs and their is only 1 of each weapon in it. A far too costly endeavor to acquire the 8 required for my list.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Chaos Has Me Second Guessing Myself!

Kenny "3Skullz" here. This is actually the first time I have written anything on my own blog. I have relied on my former “project manager” Donovan, who moved on to bigger and better things, to write on here in the past, and my brother David to do so recently. Occasionally Rob Baer “MBG” from Spikeybits also writes articles for me. So I apologize in advance for my 5th grade writing skills.

Chaos has me Second Guessing Myself! That’s right, I have been worshiping the dark gods since 1999. I even have a huge 8 point star tattoo on my arm. Recently I have become known for daemons due to my performance with them over the last few GTs. Before that I was all about Nurgle marines. So much so that I had built a total of 7 different Death Guard armies. I recently built 2 super nasty daemon armies since 6th dropped. Though they both performed very well, I have decided to sell them both. I wont go into too much detail on my reasons why but lets just say “I go to way too many tournaments per year and don’t want to become known for net list building”. I have decided to start a new chaos army though. I will post my ideas and list thus far. I would love some feed back and advice.