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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Fire Power! Autocannon Edition

Last week we discussed my thoughts with going back to Chaos, my first love. The list I posted had a lot of autocannons in it. 3 for the Imperial Guard allies and more importantly, 8 from the Chaos Havocs. The autocannon, while being my preferred long ranged firepower, is now worth its weight in gold. When GW went to Finecast, the single blisters of Havocs went the way of the Dodo. In other words, its $45 to get a box of Havocs and their is only 1 of each weapon in it. A far too costly endeavor to acquire the 8 required for my list.

The solution to this problem is both simple and incredibly easy. Convert them.

In this day and age of fabulous plastic bits from Games Workshop, all one has to do is look, and the solution will be found. Between the consultations of Rob(MBG) over at Spikey Bits, Paul (TPM) over at Litanies of Hate, and my brother, Dave (who will be doing the conversions), we have found a relatively cost effective solution that will be as true to the actual model as possible. This conversion is actually going to be modified off of ones you can Google.

The Parts

The first part we will be using, is the Reaper Autocannon from the Chaos Defiler kit. This piece is great, because not only is it Chaos, but it has the bayonet like the Havoc model. On top of that, each arm has two autocannons, so that is two Havocs that can be built from each Reaper Autocannon that you get. This is a bit that requires some patience on eBay to get for a good price. I just snagged 5 for $45, enough to do 10 Havocs.

The  next piece of the puzzle is the standard Chaos Space Marine Heavy Bolter that comes in every box of Chaos Space Marines. The piece that has been sitting at the bottom of you Bits Box since 3rd edition. This piece has the hands/arms and the body of the gun. Since I will need 8 Havocs, I had to order a few from Spikey Bits to cover the excess. 

 In the end the conversion will be very straight forward. Cutting the barrel off the Heavy Bolter as well as the sights, and then attaching the barrel from the Reaper Autocannon. The only thing missing is the chain that is the sling of the gun.

Stay tuned. We should have some working conversions in a week or two.

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