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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

FTN 40k Webcast Video Uploaded

Hey guys, if you missed it, checkout our 40k webcast hangout from Monday Night now on YouTube!

We talked about the new 40k kits, our FTN Mission Pack, thoughts on 40k Tournament play, and more.

Kenny got crazy with the new Helbrute formations, Rob went over the new Warzone Damocles book, and Paul defended Sanguinuis' honor.

Plus we're always discussing new army lists, submissions, and YOUR questions as well.

It's getting to be tournament season time BABY!  That's right the road to Adepticon is now, so get your army ready for what's sure to be a spectacular 40k tournament season!

Click on the video, or the event page below for another FTN Live webcast!

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  1. I dig the Forge the Narrative logo! With the booze and font, I first read it as, "Forget the Narrative."