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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Live 40k Battlecast From Murphcon 2014 6PM EST

Come hangout with us this Thursday Night 7/10 at 6pm EST for a special FTN Battlecast live from Murphcon 2014!

We'll be coming to you live from the "bottom floor" of Paul Murphy's humble abode broadcasting tons of great games of 40k, talking tactics, and making tons colorful commentary all day.

It's all happening THIS Thursday Night at 6pm EST.

We'll also try to discuss new army lists, and of course take as many of YOUR questions as possible during the show.

It's 40k tournament season time BABY!  Let us help you get your army ready for what's sure to be a roller coaster ride with the new 7th Edition!

So get some questions ready, and tune in to the event page below for another FTN Live Webcast!

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