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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Khorne Daemonkin Review


  1. It appears as if this book its pretty much what I figured it would be... a sales manual for the new bloodthirster model and GW even threw in the cash grab on trying to sell possessed kits. Good rules sells models...maybe GW will figure that out one day and throw csm some love. I still cant fathom how Kharn didn't end up in the book...I mean, besides the bloodthrister is there a name more infamous to the blood god than Kharn the Betrayer? I'll always have love for Chaos space marines and will never let my army go but GW sure makes it tough to remain a CSM fan. Thanks for the thorough review, Kenny

  2. its a good codex with some thought put into it. Not every developer is allowed to freely write whatever they want for rules like the Tau and eldar books.

  3. Are all the Chaos Gods getting their own book?

  4. I for one was kind of hoping for chaos legion army's. .like world eaters and death guard.. guess I have my 30k for that..

  5. Hey Kenny,

    I know this video has been out a while but just a quick question, if you have time of course. You are talking about some kind of combo with a relic that can be put on vehicles to grant 4++....not sure what you are talking about, I cannot hear clearly and english is not my first language.

    That being said, I would love to know what you are talking about, I love mauler and if anything can make them stronger, i am all in.