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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Warhammer 40k - Hobby Scores

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  1. I'm a great fan of your painting videos but I must take issue with your definition of a high comp army!

    In your Wolfstar vs Knightstar battle report you enthuse about how great they are and how well they are modelled and the impression given is that these are great examples of good comp armies.

    Unfortunately, you couldn't be further from the truth (in my opinion). Both armies are examples of "cheese" taken to the max! Space Wolves using Dark Angels as a buff - heresy! Tigurius taking to the field of battle with just a token 5 scouts just to buff the Knights -preposterous!

    If I had to comp both of these they'd get a big fat zero from me!

    I believe it's these sort of builds that have killed 40k but as I said this is just my opinion. No doubt you believe otherwise and that's your choice.

    No amount of fiddling is ever going to change that for me - however nicely the army has been modelled or painted!

    On another part of your plans - you state that at the end of my 3 games I would get to rank my opponents. However, how would i do this if, in my opinion, all 3 opponents had fielded "cheese" builds? Could i give every opponent a big zero?

    Just my few cents but, as I said, this is just my personal view on what sucks about 40k!

    Keep up the good work!