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Thursday, July 2, 2020

The Best Hobby Products In 2020

Here is my updated supplies list in 2020. Over the years I have stream lined the list. Partially do to experience and also advances in the industry.
These are all sponsors but just know that I called them. I went out of my way to contact them and put them in my line up because I use there products daily and wanted to make it an official relationship.

1. Monument Hobbies brushes and paint.  I was there when Jason Craze developed these products and I was part of the testing group. These are truly superior paints. It is a waste of time to provide a paint color list. I have been using them for over a year and I can honestly say that they are so consistent across all the colors in their range that there is no reason to fuck around. They may not be the only paints I use but in a world but you can always trust that these professional quality artist grade paints will never let you down.  I recommend just buying the full set and all the expansions. They sell out all the time but If you cannot get the set that week just check back in a few days or start searching for individual paints. You literally cannot go wrong here and every paint color is one that you will use.
The Brushes are all sick and competitively priced. My current favorite is the red handled #4 which is a sable hair. The blue handles are synthetic sable and are also incredible.
2. Secret Weapon Miniatures effects. These guys are a staple of the community. You won't be disappointed with their pigment powders, liquid water, and crushed glass. There is something new to discover on their website every time I check.  I love creating realist snow with crushed glass and liquid water effects. Seriously though there are so many cool scenic products listed on the website and they also make dope paints!
3. The Army Painter quickshade washes. The best washes in the game! I like to use a little Vallejo Flow Improver to mix into the wash but TAP makes their own flow aid now too! These guys have been around the scene for ages and know how to formulate superior washes. They basically invented it.
4. RedgrassGames Everlasting Wet Pallet. It is an amazingly well crafted tool. You can obviously make your own hobo pallet from anything these days....but I personally prefer the ease and reliability of this product. I have been hooked since the first unboxing. Now straight up...I had no idea who they were, but a viewer suggested them to me during RGG's first kickstarter.  I contacted them and asked for a sample. They sent 3. One for a review and 2 for giveaways if I liked it.  It turns out I love it!
4. Gamers Grass tufts. High quality grass for you bases! There are a few others I like on the market too but I keep coming back to these guys. They have the best quality and variety.  They also have been expanding into other products that are really shaking up the market.

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