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Monday, January 24, 2011

Star Wars Space Marines

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A converted Warhammer 40,000 army using models from the Space Marines GW line and the Star Wars miniatures game. The figures have been magnetized in multiple places by the client so they can represent various factions from the 40k universe and their unique play styles. It also incorporates aspects from Star Wars fiction such as the 501st, Vader's Fist, and the Clone Wars. The All Terrain Scout Transport represents a Space Marine dreadnought, and the scorching effects are emblematic of a battle hardened force.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Space Marine Salamanders Sanctify

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A tournament tested Warhammer 40k army, built to be one of the most competitive Codex Space Marine forces available. This army offers a plethora of solid Space Marine entries that take utmost advantage of the options available. Vulkan He'stan leads the detachment and boosts the power of the army's Thunder hammer Terminators, and the plethora of melta guns and flamers throughout the army. Each tactical marine is also modeled with an out of print Salamanders shoulder pad, and the corrosive paint effects represent being from the volcanic world of Nocturne. This army should prove to be a formidable contender in any arena, be it painting, playing, or modeling.

Blood Orks Terrorizing

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This totally unique force is a client's custom Ork army to count as “Looted Blood Angels”. The converted vehicles represent various transports, tanks, a dreadnought, and a looted Storm Raven. The units include a number of Warhamer Fantasy models in heavy armor to show the increased resiliency versus incoming fire. Extensive use of the airbrush allows smooth transitions in color to achieve the metallic blends and rust effects, as well the flame bursts. The final stages of hyper highlighting brings out all the details of the Ork skin and completes this suitably scary Warhammer 40k army.

Battle Report #1: Blood Angels vs. Space Wolves

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Check out this link to a friend's blog that narrates a monumental battle between the Space Marine Blood Angels featured earlier, versus Space Wolves, all atop the fine scenery and terrain pictured in our last post. It's a very engaging read with numerous action filled photos. Enjoy!