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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Space Wolves vs. Salamanders - 2k Battle Report!

As a final showcase to these two beautifully painted armies, we pit them against each other in an epic battle royale.  Both of these armies are extremely tough, versatile, and a lot of fun to play.  Click the picture above to open up a Gallery with the full sized pictures taken during the exchange.  Click below to see the army lists used, lots of pics, and a brief summary. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Necrons vs. Grey Knights - 2k Battle Report!

Mike Haspil, author of APOCalyptic PRODuctions, came up to the crib to see how the new Necron Codex would fair. Mike has been playing Necrons for a long time and is famous for his LED lighted Monoliths he's brought to a couple Grand Tournaments. Unfortunately for Mike, he first played against Kenny's heavy weight Grey Knights army, and subsequently didn't have the best game. This particular flavor of Grey Knights hits hard and fast, leaving little room for error. Click below for Pics and a brief summary.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Battle Report! Demons vs. Grey Knights

Kenny is visiting family in Florida for the holidays. While there, he was able to get a friendly game in vs. Brian, one of our good friends from the 40k Wrecking Crew and author of

They played a close, fun game in the ATC format. Kenny pulled it out in the end with an edge on Kill Points, tying Objectives and Capture + Control, for a 20-10 win. Click below for more pictures from this epic battle.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blood Angels Infantry Brigade

Click pictures to open the full gallery

Check out the mass of troopers assembled and painted for this latest commission. You'll notice in the above pictures, these Honour Guard have magnetized back packs and jump packs. They were also made from a large variety of kits to outfit them with their unique wargear of melta-guns and power weapons. Browse through the Gallery linked above to peruse almost 100 Blood Angels Infantry models. There are 16 Sanguinary Guard done in a striking bone white Angels Encarmine color scheme and 30 Devestators with blue helmets. The 30 Assault Marines, 3 Priests and 2 Librarians also come with magnetic back packs and jump packs for utmost list variety. Thanks for taking a look!