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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Necron raffle army for WargamesCON

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This army is to be raffled off at the upcoming WargamesCon in Austin, Texas. After entertaining multiple ideas for the color scheme, we opted for a classical take on the traditional look. We chose a basic antique metal and Object Source Lighting effects for the army, along with temple ruins for the bases. The blue in the bases really contrasts well with the neutrality of the metals and the green highlights. This force is a good representation of the variety of models in the new Necron codex, and features many of the new sculpts. For a chance to win this army, you can pick up tickets here:

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Strategic Space Wolves

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This latest Space Wolves contingent began as a pet project for Kenny. The sculptor, Mr. Dandy, was at Adepticon and Kenny came home with a set of Battle-Wolf War Mounts. If you follow us on twitter (link to the right), you may have seen lots of work in progress pics of this army as it was being painted. The 3 Rhino tanks carry 3 squads of Grey Hunters, all backed up by 3 squads of Long Fangs. The Thunderwolf Cavalry and 2 Wolf Lords provide the metaphorical hammer with which to crush the enemy. Click on the link below to see lots more pics of these wolves in all their glory.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Space Marine Salamanders Strike

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Stepping up to the plate is this stunning Salamanders Space Marine army composed of some of the most characterful units in the Codex. These choices take full advantage of the Salamanders iconic flamer and melta weaponry. If you look closely at the Land Speeders you'll also see our new technique for magnetizing missile Launchers to the side. There is actually magnets inside the vehicle and for all the other weapons as well. This army was commissioned for a friend, so you'll probably see lots more of them at tournaments and on the tabletop. Click below for lots more pictures and thanks for checking us out!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Grey Knights Galore!

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Here's our latest commission of over 4,000 points of Grey Knight Space Marines and Daemonhunter Inquisitor henchmen. This army contains a variety of troop types and units with all kinds of abilities. The toughest of the tough come in the form of 10 Paladin Terminators, each an individual hero. Behind them are Purifiers and Interceptors with Psycannons and Nemesis Halberds. Not to be outdone in firepower department, 3 Dreadnoughts provide long range support. Finally, Coteaz unlocks the ability to take multiple Henchmen squads as Troops. He rides in the Chimera with the Grandmaster and a squad of servitors with Powerfists, a surprisingly nasty counter assault element. Click below to see lots more pictures, and thanks for checking us out.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chaos Daemon Army Expanded

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Longtime readers may remember this Daemon detachment being displayed a little over a year ago. This is Kenny's personal army that has made appearances at WargamesCon and Feast of Blades since then. What started as a Khorne only army has slowly expanded to include representatives from all the Chaos gods. The Fateweaver takes the place of the Bloodthirster, but often will still do as many wounds in combat. The resiliency he offers is compounded by the inclusion of Plaguebearers as troops. Slaanesh makes a big splash with both Seekers and Fiends adding a great deal of speed and tactical flexibility to the list. Click below for more pics, or click above to be sent to the Gallery with close ups.