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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

New Class!

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This reward entitles you to attend and access all classroom content. 

This is weekly LIVE  webinar. That will take place Wednesday After the tactics class around 3:15 PM PST. 

This will be a "small class" style live stream about painting. It will have a "behind the scenes" feeling and often times be informal as we field questions in an "AMA" style broadcast here on Patreon through the Live features. The VODs will be only avaliable to the tier and above.

1. Shout out in a video! I will thank you personally.
2. Exclusive Early Access! Up to 7 videos Per Week. You see My Weekly Tutorial & Battle Report videos a full 2 weeks earlier than the public. These Videos will be Ad-FREE to my Patrons. PLUS a personalized gift sent via USPS.
3. You gain access to 100% exclusive bonus episodes that cannot be seen by the public. These videos will generally be a live webcast, and bonus content from the battle reports. 

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