Massive Chaos Lot For Sale

 These models are part of my collection and I paid to have them painted by other artists over the years.

These are used game pieces and there are some scratches and light damage visible in these photos.


Email me or dm me.

I am taking Offers but here are the prices.
(Knight added)

Slaanesh Chaos Knight 
(detachable unglued arms sockets)

10x Terminators (Black Legion)
5x Combi Meltas Included 

30x Cultists

10x Warp Talons

3x Converted Obliterators

Contemptor Dread

$100 each
1x Maulerfiend left 
1x Maulerfiend right

$100 each
Lords Discordant

$100 each
2x OOP Metal Blood Thirsters "counts as daemon prince"

$75 each
4x converted daemon princes for various chaos gods

1x soul grinder "defiler counts as"

1x highly converted scratch built Abbadon. 

Yellow Knight w/magnetic arms and extra thermo cannons w/carapace weapon
Chaos War Dog 

Special converted Nurgle Prince 

special nurgle prince