Private Lessons

I am teaching the NLP 101 curriculum right now and the 201 and 301. 

The first 3 classes are organized as follows.
►Airbrushing (which has a lecture, visual aids, and you will have to airbrush for me on camera there is also homework)
►Active Washing (Pretty fun and easy to learn)
►NLP Edge Highlighting (Ancient techniques)
If you stick with it you will advance years in 3 months. -Kenny

ZOOM Meetings

I recommend the following camera & any mic/headset:

► I will contact you and give you access to my class calendar.
►I am available to help you set up your streaming station.
► I am available for lessons most days.
► First come first serve on the quantities and dates.
► After purchasing this tier you can cancel anytime.
► After purchace we will schedule your personal class.
► Your class curriculum is up to you.
► You keep all your access to my content.
► Patrons at this tier gain access an exclusive group FB chat.

Enrollment through Patreon HERE
You can also contact me on FB or email for one-off lessons.